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thePlan has 5 parts, and the 5 parts are designed to have maximum impact on encouraging Domestically Violent Personalities to change their behavior. Each part has a role to play in keeping the behavior of DVP’s on the public mind 24/7 days a week, 365 days each year.

The Slogans play a part by having them seen or heard by thousands of people multiples times (24/7 - 365) each year.

The Walks play a part by engaging the public mind about those who have been domestically violent in the 4th quarter of each year. Thousands of people will be engaged to think about DVP’s and their behavior.

The Hero Express plays its part by engaging the public mind to think about those who have been domestically violent in the 1st quarter of each year. The publication will be mailed to households by March 31st of each year. Comprehensive content about DVP’s in each publication.

The Team of people all around our county donating each year to support the work of thePlan. Thousands of people contributing each year, becomes thousands of eyes and ears alerted to DVP’s in our neighborhoods (24/7 - 365).

Change: Breaking the Cycle isn’t easy, but it is rewarding and it requires help. Our 4 slogans are a road map for Change. Michael Clark’s book is an example of successful Change. At what age did you first see, hear or feel Domestic Violence? Michael Clark experienced Domestic Violence at a young age. No doubt you did, too!

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The Team

10,000+ People Contributing

This table is our 2020 budget. Your donations go towards program materials and office support. We are currently an all volunteer organization. Click on the image for a larger version.

2020 Expense Budget

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Hero Express
Hero Express front page

For more information about the Hero Express, visit the Hero Express part of our web site. We have arrest data and a couple people's stories of their experience with domestic violence.
Walk Sites
Walk brochure
Resources for change

For those who have hurt their partner and wish to have more rewarding relationships

If you have come to this section of our website because you would like to Become a Hero and Change your Behavior -- Congratulations.

Changing your Behavior from "one who has caused harm" to a Hero who enjoys rewarding and fulfilling relationships is not easy, but it is worth the effort.

Join with a large group of others who have changed their behavior -- a rewarding learning experience awaits you.

If you would like to talk with someone locally, you can call the local 24/7 Crisis Center (937-224-4646) at Samaritan Behavioral Health, which includes violence intervention, and they will assist you with finding local help.

thePlan has found 3 online resources that have had success in helping people who have been domestically violent. The Ananias Foundation and Centerpointe are looking forward to helping you - They Understand. You can contact them directly online or by phone.

The Ananias Foundation was founded by Michael Clark who had been violent with his wife and came to realize that he didn't want to live the rest of his life the way he had lived the previous years. The Ananias Foundation has many excellent resources, including on-line groups, a guidebook for helping you change, several videos, and has published a book From Villain to Hero, specifically for those who wish to change their behavior. The book is available here in paperback. Use code "thePlan" to receive a $5 discount. The Ananias Foundation provides guidance and encouragement for individuals who have been violent with their partners but who want to change. If this is you, please visit their website and connect with them.

Centerpointe has Holosync Technology which is a meditative approach to improving your feelings about yourself and your whole-brain thinking. It has helped people who have been violent toward their partners. You may email them at or call them at 503-672-7117 from 12:00pm to 7:30pm (EST) Monday-Friday.

Hidden Hurt is a web site in the UK, primarily for those who have been hurt by a partner, but they also have some resources for those who have hurt their partner.

The Freedom Programme in the UK offers an online course. There are 2 versions of the course, one intended for those who hurt their partner and one for those who have been hurt by their partners. They also have published books to go with their course, Living with the Dominator, a companion workbook, and How Hard Can It Be…? specifically for men who hurt their partners, all by Pat Craven, which are available from Amazon. The Freedom Programme has a different viewpoint from the Ananias Foundation. Both claim success in helping those who have hurt their partners to change their behavior towards more fulfilling relationships. Check them out to see which approach fits with your attitude towards your partner.

For those who have been hurt by their partner

The YWCA in Dayton operates the shelter for domestic abuse victims, a 24/7 Crisis Hotline (937-222-SAFE (7233)) and an intervention program in Preble County (Eaton) for those who have been violent towards their family. is our new web site.

The previous website ( is being forwarded here.

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